Whisper of the Nightingale

TYPE: Chinnese Novel
STATUS: ongoing
GENRE: Fantasy Josei Romance Shoujo Action Drama



This is one of the best action novels I’ve read. The MC is just bad-ass, I mean like she’s defining the word AWESOME. She’s not lousy and she kills. Like, she kills without blinking, our MC is a bad-ass assassin who has been transmigrated and thus she started anew in her new world. The only thing that bothers me in this novel though is that I just can’t imagine some things especially when it has something to do with her age, especially when it touches her relationship with her love-interest. The action and romance is good with some angst. The fighting scenes are also top notched. I have been enjoying this novel for quite some time now. Anyways, the translation of this novel is good and not much flaws though updates are quite slow.



Whisper of the Nightingale
Translated by: Snowy Publications

When Raven Night was alive she had, since the age of three, been trained into a deadly killer and by the age of 25 her prowess had become legend; she was beyond a shadow of a doubt the most deadly assassin the world had ever seen. They called her the Night Singer and every man and women in power feared to one day hear her ‘singing’, for it would be the last thing they would ever hear.

It was then that the young miss Night was sent on a mission she refused to complete and, as a consequence, she was hunted down and killed. As darkness claimed her, she could not help but feel resentment; would her countless slaughters – on other peoples command – be her only legacy!?

However, to her surprise, the darkness faded once more and Raven found herself reborn in a world of magic and martial arts. Perhaps this time around she would create a better legend for herself?

Source: Whisper of the Nightingale


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